Featured: Marc By Marc Jacobs Pants

Every week we comb through our inventory to bring you our favorite find and to give you a little more information about the statement that the product is making. Scroll down to learn more about this week’s latest feature.

Tweed Marc By Marc Jacobs Pants

Fashion design, tap dancing lessons, and partying at nightclubs were all part of 15 year old Marc Jacobs’ lifestyle. Although he enjoyed numerous freedoms, Jacobs stayed focused on his goal: becoming a fashion designer. After graduating from Parsons, he took over design for Perry Ellis where a critically acclaimed grunge collection made Jacobs realize that he needed to create his own label: Marc Jacobs.

marc by marc jacobs logo

“People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.”

-Lee Mildon


Brown Marc By Marc Jacobs Pants

Make a statement in the office while staying work week chic with these fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs pants! The wool fabric and brown color makes these perfect for your fall outfit. Silk lining so you stay comfortable and chic all day. Fall (office) fashion has never been more affordable! Use the button below to shop these stylish pants for 80% off retail!

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