Featured: Cole Haan Wedges

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Cole Haan Air Elley Patent Wedges

Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan started their brand in 1928 and focused solely on footwear. It wasn’t until 50 years later that they finally began producing bright, stylish women’s shoes. Their creative style was quickly accepted into the traditional fashion of the time because of the quality and comfort that the brand offered. Cole Haan continues to research and develop their footwear to ensure that their brand will be relevant for years to come.

cole haan logo black and white

“I’m a working-class person, working with class.”

-Karl Lagerfeld

Cole Haan Peep Toe Wedges

Cole Haan Air Elley Patent Wedges

Staying work week chic while sticking to a budget has never been easier! The Air Elley is Cole Haan’s take on the classic low wedge. Luxurious patent leather covers the entire shoe for a sleek, refined look. Open toe style lets you show off your pedicure in style. Your coworkers will love your style, and be envious when they hear how much you saved!

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