Featured: True Religion Halle Skinny Jeans

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True Religion Halle Super Skinny jeans

Although True Religion is a relatively new brand, founders Jeff Lubell and Kym Gold quickly became a hit in the Los Angeles denim scene with their unique craftsmanship. The brand’s signature “Super T Stitch” was too thick for standard sewing machines at the time so they had to build their own to handle the hefty stitch. The new design caught the eye of trendsetters and the demand for their unique brand of denim increased overnight.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

-Coco Chanel

True Religion Super Skinny Jeans

One word: Fierce! This super skinny fit is sleek, sophisticated, and sure to keep you styling day or night. A flocked leopard design adds a new layer of dimension to this classic skinny. The Halle is made with a medium rise so these are going to feel the most natural since they sit closer to the waist. Mid rise is also the most versatile since it can work with almost any body type. You’re jean game is guaranteed to be on point this winter with these fabulous jeans!

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